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Mother of Cities to me,
For I was born in her gate,
Between the palms and the sea,
Where the world-end steamers wait.
-Rudyard Kipling on Mumbai (Bombay)
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  Discover Bombay, Explore Mumbai !  
  A city is best explored on foot, weilding umbrellas in the rains, sporting hats in the sun. We are always ready to walk with you! Each of our routes weave their own stories. In this section, explore all the walking routes we have to offer.....Click here for details  
For those who want to see more in less time or may not fashion walking around in Mumbai, we have a tailored solution for you! The ‘Must do’ in Mumbai all put together a 'half-day' or a 'full-day' tour experience.....Click here for details
We offer you tourism experiences in Mumbai. Living Mumbai that Mumbaikar way! Contact Us to choose and have your own customized tourism experience booked today.... Read More
  Bicycle Tours   Sailboat Tours   Arial Tours  
If the phrase "biking around the town" excites you it may be in your best interests to take the seat, heave a sigh and be ready to join us for a bicycle tour (we can get you the bicycles if needed, no problem) and see the city as a local would do! ....Read More
Sailboat tours could be a perfect way to admire the unique coastline of Mumbai. Need not mention, some wholesome seabreeze too! ... Read More
Of course you dream bigger in the city of dreams. And flying high is of course an option. Give us a chance to set up an arial tour for you and experience Mumbai in a way few get a chance to experience... Learn More
  Schools & Universities   Gift a tour!   Corporate Events  
Stepping out of the classrooms is a great way to reinforce what we read or see in the books. We are always delighted to have school kids on our walks (they are the ones with MOST questions for us; and we love answering them). We have also hosted students from various universities in UK, Australia, etc. allowing them to focus on some of their research topics viz. architecture, history, socioeconomics. It's a great way to get out and learn and if you are interested we would love to assist you...Read More
Maybe your best friend is visiting you from Bali and it's her birthday. Or your fiancé is a history buff. Maybe your visiting aunt thinks there's nothing to see around in your favourite city or it's just your anniversary and you'd rather do something different! LET US KNOW. We know how to keep a surprise a surprise. We can even sit together and plan some special surprises in special corners of our beloved city....Read More
If you are bunch of old-timers at a company looking for a fun filled day or a newly assembled team looking to break the ice, you may be interested in a arranging planned events with us. We have pulled off various treasure-hunts spanning the whole city (turning our various facets of Mumbai into a maze of trivia and clues). It's an absolutely brilliant way to experience the city and take a day off-work! ... Learn More
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