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    The Apollo Gate and Front Bay Walk              

In 1661 King Charles II of England married Princess Catherine of Braganza. The marriage dowry gave to the English the island of Bombay which the Portuguese had no use for. Charles himself didn’t care two hoots for the island. But it was the British East India Company that realised the importance of Bombay’s perfect natural harbour. Deep enough to accommodate 150 ships and with a natural fortification in the form of mainland India, Bombay was perfect for the company’s operations. And so with the Company renting the islands from the Crown, for £10/- annually, Bombay’s illustrious history began.

Here’s a chance to go back in time almost 350 years....when there was no Mumbai, just one small island of Bombay. Walk along the periphery of the ‘front’ bay and re-chart the birth of Mumbai. The first of our four historic walks the ‘Apollo Gate and Front Bay Walk’ covers the northern part of the old ‘Fort’. This was the area where the first signs of habitation were seen on the island of Bombay.  The walk begins in the European Renaissance style Ballard Estate business district with its perfect avenues and streets echoing reminiscent of Victorian London.  See the famous Town Hall which houses the Asiatic Society Library of Mumbai and the Horniman Circle Garden and the spectacular surrounding buildings. Walk down to the Flora Fountain circle which in some very peculiar ways resembles London’s Piccadilly Circus. Walk past the 275 year old Indian Naval Dockyard with its beautiful mural representing the first establishments on the island. Finally end the walk at the world famous Gateway of India and the now legendary Taj Mahal Hotel.

Approx walking time : 3hrs
Approx walking distance: 3.5 kms
Days conducted: Everyday.*
Starting point:Ferry terminal/Green Gate/Indira Gate, Ballard Estate.

*this walk can be organised on another day too but prior intimation of at least 24hrs is requird
  **walks can be customised for larger group sizes. To customise a walk please email us at [email protected]  
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Board of Advisors
Ranjit Shahani is Country President Novartis India responsible for the overall operations of the Novartis AG Companies in India He started his career with ICI in India in their businesses of Fibres & Speciality chemicals. Later, he rose to the position of General Manager with ICI / ZENECA in the U.K., overseeing their Asia Pacific and LatAm operations for their Petrochemicals and Plastics division.
This was followed by a period as CEO at Roche Products Limited, after which he moved to Novartis in India in 1997, following the merger of Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy.
Mr Shahani is President, Organisation of Pharmaceuticals Producers of India (OPPI), an organization he also lead earlier from 2001-2007, is Past President of the Bombay Chamber
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